From a young age I’ve always known what good music sounds like. Whether it was Lauryn Hill, R. Kelly or Kanye West. Hip Hop, RnB or Rare Groove. I just had the “ear”. Waking up on a weekend to the sounds of albums like “Born Into The 90’s” or “Where I Wanna be”, being blasted from my Dad’s speakers or my Mum trying her best to match Alicia Keys & Whitney Houston. It probably forced the younger me to LOVE this sort of music as well as wake me up from my dream about becoming a WWE Wrestler. Either way it definitely had a huge impact on my preferred style today.

The drive to convert my love of music into an actual art form started randomly. I was always a keen downloader of music, as soon as a new single or album was released I’d make it a priority to download it as quick as possible. One day I was working behind the bar of a venue in Colchester and requested a few songs. The DJ at the time, my good friend Paddy, who is heavily responsible for where I am today, asked if I had ever thought about DJing as a hobby. Obviously my reply was along the lines of,”No, that’s far too complicated”. Paddy laughed, told me to shut up and said to meet him at his house the following Saturday at 3pm. That Saturday was the day I caught the “DJ bug”. After that afternoon I continued to go back to Paddy’s house to learn how to mix for around 3-4 months. Eventually I learned how to mix A with B. I fell in love with it. A few years have now passed and I now DJ regularly across London, Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk. I have had a summer in Ayia Napa in 2012 & a season in Marbella in 2015. While in Marbella, I was the resident DJ for Sisu Boutique & Cavalli Club. Here I DJ’d for the likes of French Montana and Chris Brown. I also warmed up for DJ EZ, Snoop & Tyga.

The feeling I get from DJ’ing for people is incredible. Seeing them sing along, dance or straight up go nuts over the tracks I select gives me great satisfaction. The love of music and this art will be with me forever & I’m thankful to EVERYONE who have helped me to get where I am today.

The party ain’t over.