Just Craig’s Playlist: Vol. 1

Welcome to the most professional, unprofessional blog in the world. In fact, I don’t want to classify this as a blog to be honest. Let’s call it a projection of my thoughts. I’m basically going to use this space to share my opinion’s about music. I’ll be discussing and sharing specific artists, songs & albums that I like. I’ll even highlight the things that I don’t particularly like.

Now, being a DJ, 9 times out of 10, you need to “play to the crowd” and at times, you need to play stuff that you don’t particularly like in order for them to have a good time.  I’m quite lucky, most of the venues I’ve played in have allowed me to play my preferred genres of music. HOWEVER … EVERY DJ no matter what genre they prefer has said the following quote at least once in their lifetime, “I wish i could play this in my set“. I am no different. There are some songs that I would LOVE to play during my set, just to share / educate the crowd you know?! Yes I know Drake, Rhianna, & any other big artists you can think of makes incredible music, that is evident in the requests I receive on a weekly basis. I’m sure you listen to their songs on repeat every day via Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple Music. But did you know, there are thousands of other artists who make music too? Mind blowing ay? It’s clear that the majority of people like to be fed music rather than finding it themselves. So every now and then, i’m going to post a selection of songs from a variety of artists for you to listen to and hopefully you like & share them. 

I guess that’ll do for an intro, grammar police do your worst. Enjoy the music & share.

Title: Body

Artist: Che Ecru

Album: Buries

Title: Redmercedes (Feat Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey)

Artist: Amine

Album: Redmercedes – Single

Title: Love Galore (Feat Travis Scott)
Artist: SZA

Album: TBC

Title: Unravel Me

Artist: Sabrina Claudio

Album: Unravel Me – Single

Title: Bang Your Line (Feat Ty Dolla $ign)

Artist: Elhae

Album: Aura II

Title: After Drugs

Artist: Marley (Wild Musikc)

Album: OBE

Title: Out Of Centre

Artist: Tory Lanez & Dave East

Album: Out Of Centre – Single

Title: Anita

Artist: Smino

Album: Blkswn

Title: Get You

Artist: Daniel Caesar

Album: Get You – Single

Title: Saved

Artist: Khalid

Album: American Teen

Title: My Feels (Feat Jay Glavany)

Artist: Khadijah Lopez

Album: Paradigm

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