Pass The Aux | Volume 1

Last year, TJ (@TJGenas), Ash (@_ManLikeAsh) & I came up with the idea to start a podcast.  A few months from the birth of the idea, we all agreed to add Ellie (@WitchesTweets) to the team. Since then, we have been in creative mode. We’ve thought about EVERYTHING. Podcast names. Segments. Locations to record. Where to upload. The Logo. You name it, it was discussed. In the end we nailed the concept and we settled on the name, “Pass The Aux”.

The general concept of the podcast is for us to give you, the listener, our opinion on all things music. From industry news to recent album releases to artist news, we want to cover it. We also have decided to share new and old music that we enjoy as well.


So yeah, press play on the link below. Share it if you like it. Most of all enjoy.


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